PASC Working Groups

PASC’s strategic priorities are overseen and managed by the following four Working Groups.

Working Group 1 – Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

CONVENOR : Standards Australia (SA)


  • Increase awareness of PASC and its members’ efforts among key external stakeholders.
  • Enhance knowledge exchange and partnerships on technical matters.
  • Wider promotion on the benefits of standardisation.


Working Group 2 – Capacity Building

CONVENOR : Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC)


  • Strengthen capabilities and competencies of PASC members in both international and national standardisation activities.
  • Contribute towards ISO and IEC capacity building, research and innovation, and training and education activities.
  • Extend technical assistance to strengthen the national quality infrastructure (QI) of developing countries in Asia Pacific through collaborations with our partner organisations (e.g. APEC SCSC, APEC SRBs, etc.).


Working Group 3 – Trade Facilitation

CONVENOR : Standards Council of Canada (SCC)


  • Enhance communication and partnerships in trade facilitation with Partners in targeted regional organisations to support government and industry efforts in trade facilitation.
  • Improve understanding and capacity of NSBs to support trade facilitation.


Working Group 4 – Policy and Governance

CONVENOR : American National Standards Institute (ANSI)


  • Enhance coordination on common positions for PASC on policy and governance matters related to international standardisation.
  • Enhance effectiveness of PASC meetings to better address members’ needs.