APEC’s Ease of Doing Business – Final Assessment 2009-2015

The final assessment of the APEC’s Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) initiative, which takes into account the period 2009-2015, looks at the performance of the APEC region using the indicators of the World Bank’s Doing Business in five priority areas, namely:

1) Starting a Business;
2) Dealing with Construction Permits;
3) Getting Credit;
4) Trading Across Borders; and
5) Enforcing Contracts.

This assessment, prepared by the APEC Policy Support Unit in collaboration with the Economic Committee, shows that APEC has fallen short of the overall target of a 25% improvement by 2015, by posting a combined progress in the five priority areas equivalent to 14.6%. Progress was uneven across priority areas. While APEC experienced a significant progress in Starting a Business and achieved moderate progress in Dealing with Construction Permits and Getting Credit, only marginal progress was reported in the priority areas of Trading Across Borders and Enforcing Contracts.