ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Survey

A joint ASEAN-Australia survey has been launched in support of the ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Standards Cooperation Initiative. The ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Initiative is a project to strengthen the economic integration and trade between ASEAN and Australia. The initiative aims to promote digital trade and support digital inclusiveness across ASEAN member states and Australia, particularly through the promotion of international standards.

To support this project, the ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Standards Survey has been developed to assess the ASEAN region’s digital readiness and the current utilisation of national and international standards. It aims to determine areas of opportunity for digital standards harmonisation, technical alignment, regulatory coherence, and policy cooperation and also uncover knowledge and participation gaps across the digital trade sphere.

Standards Australia encourages all ASEAN members of PASC to contribute to the survey. ASEAN and Australia are grateful for all inputs – from an individual, organisation or state level.

The survey is open until Monday, 26 March 2018.