Disruptive technologies and new service models: the role of International Standards

Services constitute the largest sector in the global economy today, accounting for 70 % of global GDP, 60 % of global employment and 46 % of global exports measured in value-added terms.

But this sector is not just growing, it is evolving – rapid advances in technology are leading to significant changes in service business models and service provision methods. Faced with these potentially disruptive changes, International Standards offer businesses, governments and consumers tools to create trust, ensure the quality and safety of services, and facilitate their provision across borders.

ISO is hosting a workshop which will focus on how International Standards for services can enable new technologies and business models in the services sector, concentrating on areas such as artificial intelligence and Big Data, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and blockchain. Standardizers, policymakers and industry representatives will come together to discuss the benefits of standards, how they can be effectively implemented, and potential new areas of standardization in the services sector.

NOTE : This event is taking place back-to-back with Seamless Asia exhibition, conference and summit, being held at Suntec City on 26-27 June, which expects 6 000 attendees from banks, retail, e-commerce, government, enterprise and technology. Workshop participants may also wish to attend Seamless Asia – see the website for further details.