Incubating Capacity for Critical and Emerging Technology (CET) Standards for Safety, Security and Trade

Critical and Emerging Technologies (CET) are current and emerging technologies with the capacity to significantly enhance a country’s economic success, security, and social cohesion. This includes Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Advanced Manufacturing, and Standards and Statecraft.

From 25-28 October 2021, Standards Australia, supported by the Australian Government, is seeking to address this gap through a four-day event on the theme of Incubating Capacity for Critical and Emerging Technology Standards.

The goal throughout these four days is to build knowledge and practical skills to accelerate development, adoption and use of recognised international standards for CET within ASEAN.

The first day of the event, held yesterday, focused on Artificial Intelligence. Over 100 participants heard from leading policy and standards experts and shared their insights on the benefits and barriers for international standards on Artificial Intelligence.

Registration remains open for the remaining days of the event, which will focus on Smart Cities, Advanced Manufacturing and Standards and Statecraft.

Participants from across the Pacific Area Standards Congress are welcome to register.