Silver Economy Project Steering Group Kick-Off Meeting Today 25 August

The Kick Off Meeting for the Silver Economy Project Steering Group (PSG) is taking place today, 25 August, with Damian Fisher from Standards Australia hosting.

The PSG consists of a number of representatives from Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Australia.

The PSG aims to use a good cross section of stakeholders from NSBs, government, regulators, industry , academic, consumers and innovation/technology organisations to cover:

  • healthcare and wellbeing;
  • nutrition;
  • communications technology;
  • robotics;
  • Lifelong education and learning;
  • transport;
  • workforce planning;
  • housing accessibility;
  • ambient assisted living; and
  • assistive technology.

The exciting APEC SCSC initiative is looking at the leading role of Standards and Innovation to drive this project. The PSG will continue to update PASC and the Standards World on the developments of their project. If you have any questions or would like to become involved please email [email protected].