Invitation to attend an International Workshop on Screening of Genetically Modified Organisms in Cotton and Textiles

The National Standards Body from the Netherlands has issued an invitation for stakeholders to participate in an international workshop on screening of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in cotton and textiles on 16 and 17 January in India. Ahead of the workshop, two preparatory meetings (online) will be organised in September and November.

The aim of the project is to develop an ISO protocol to screen specific (processed) cotton samples (for instance, seed, leaves, seed cotton, lint, yarn, fabric and garment; both dyed and natural) for the potential presence of known GMOs (both authorised, as well as non-authorised). This protocol would be published as an International Workshop Agreement is the outcome of open workshops of stakeholders on particular topics and can sometimes be a precursor to specific standards development.

This protocol would help to create clarity in the sector with regard to what can and cannot be tested for GMO presence in cotton and textiles.

To find out more about the Workshop and register your attendance, please contact your National Standards Body.