Invitation to attend an International Workshop on Using ISO 31000 Guidance on Risk Management in Management Systems

There is a steady growth in the number of organizations, of all types and sizes that are using management systems. New ISO management system standards are also being developed to address specific aspects of an organization’s activities, products or services. In this context, the high level structure makes it easier for organizations to integrate different aspects within their management systems. However, a large proportion of the organizations using an ISO management system standard may have little knowledge of ISO 31000 guidance on risk management. As they will already be well acquainted with the structure of a management system, linking ISO 31000 with the high level structure will provide these organizations with an introduction to ISO 31000 and to how risk management relates to their management system.

Many small and medium-sized organizations worldwide have benefited from implementing a management system. However, many of them see a challenge in addressing an area as complex as risk management. This aim of the project is to:

  1. Enable businesses and organizations to benefit from using ISO 31000 guidance on risk management in their existing management systems;
  2. Promote ISO 31000 among management system standards users and promote the use of management systems to users of ISO 31000.

The guidance developed will be published as an International Workshop Agreement which will support these SMEs in starting to address risk management. An International Workshop Agreement is the outcome of open workshops of stakeholders on particular topics and can sometimes be a precursor to specific standards development.

The National Standards Body from the UK (BSI) has issued an invitation for stakeholders to participate in an international workshop on using ISO 31000 guidance on risk management in management systems’ on 15 October in London. With a second workshop scheduled for November. Ahead of the workshop, a preparatory meeting (online) will be organised on 6th August 2018.